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Yiwu International trade market has 5 different districts for different products. Here are the 5 Yiwu wholesale market maps.

District 1: Down load the map

1st floor: Flower, vase, plush toys, inflatable toys, electronic toys, common toys.
2nd floor: Ornaments, jewelry, accessory.
3rd floor: Xmas, craft,ceramic, frame products.
4th floor: More Xmas and craft items.

District 2: Down load the map

1st floor: Raincoat, umbrellas and various bags.
2nd floor: Lock & switch, tools & machine and vehicle products.
3rd floor: Kitchen & bath, phone/PC/TV/lamp equipment and clock & watch products.
4th floor: Hardware, outdoor products and electrical.

District 3: Down load the map

1st floor: Paper products & pens and glasses.
2nd floor: Office supplier and sports equipment.
3rd floor: Daily use, cosmetic tool, zippers & buttons.
4th floor: Cosmetics, sports and cloths Acc.
5th floor: Picture frame.

District 4: Down load the map

1st floor: Socks & Stockings.
2nd floor: Daily use items and Hat & Gloves.
3rd floor: Towel, tie, lace, tape and shoes.
4th floor: Scarf, belt and bra & underwear.
5th floor: Picture frame.

District 5: Down load the map

1st floor: Imported items and jewelry & cloths.
2nd floor: Bedding, wedding supplier and hair products.
3rd floor: Knitted raw material and curtain.
4th floor: Auto Acc and pets.
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