Various Kinds of Summer Products in Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market Are Popular

I. The sales volume of bill products in Yiwu small commodity market has increased steadily

The overall market of office supplies and equipment industry has remained stable recently.

1. Domestic sales: Yiwu products such as paper clips, staples, steel clips, long tail clips were sold in large volume; Yiwu products, such as folders, business cards and certificates, are mainly replenished by old customers, with stable sales.

2. Export sales: Yiwu products such as photo albums, glue tapes and double-sided tapes are mainly sold in the Middle East, Europe and America with active inquiries and orders from customers; Sales of ink cartridges, file bags, trophies and other Yiwu products have increased slightly.

II. Board game product sales of Yiwu small commodity market have risen

The overall market of leisure and entertainment products industry is mainly stable in the near future, and the sales of some products are outstanding.

The market of flute, accordion and other small musical instruments is good, and supermarkets and shopping malls are actively purchasing;

Dice and dominoes are mainly sold in Russia with strong sales;

Yiwu's board game products such as Three Kingdoms Kill, checkerboard fighter and animal fighting chess are on the rise;

Sales of fishing rods, hooks, fishing lines, floats and other products have increased slightly;

Tents, sleeping bags, hammocks and other outdoor products are well sold.

III. The three-door mosquito net in Yiwu small commodity market is favored by customers

Bedding industry seasonal products in Yiwu small commodity market continue to sell.

1. Domestic sales: Sales of pure cotton air-conditioning quilt, reactive printing pure cotton four piece set, pure cotton pillow case and quilted quilt are stable; ice silk mat, summer cool sleeping pillow and three-door mosquito net are favored by purchasers. Both wholesale and retail sales are booming; The sales of children's double-sided cloud blanket, children's yurt mosquito net and children's plant fiber mattress increased steadily.

2. Export sales: Yiwu products such as double-sided Plush blanket and chemical fiber quilt cover sell well in Syria, Iran, South Africa, Kenya and other countries.

IV. The pure white bikini in Yiwu small commodity market is sold to South Korea

The domestic and foreign trade market of swimsuit clothing and apparel industry is booming in the near future.

1. Domestic sales: the milk silk women's one-piece swimsuit with high quality and low price is welcomed by domestic merchants; Girls' split skirt of hanging neck type is popular in Guangzhou, Shanghai and other regions.

2. Export sales: the simple and generous black bottom and white flower adult fattening one-piece swimsuit is favored by European and American merchants; Women's split swimsuit with sequins and other Yiwu products are sold well in the Middle East and other places; The new pure white bikini is mainly sold in South Korea, with considerable sales volume.

V. New fast drying shoes in Yiwu small commodity market become a hot spot for export

Recently, the domestic and foreign trade market of tourism sports shoes industry is slightly on the rise.

1. Domestic sales: the fashionable slip-on pure color mesh travel sneakers have become the sales highlights of the industry with popular demand; Women's canvas shoes with invisible height are loved by young consumers and their sales are on the rise.

2. Export sales: the new fast drying shoes have become a hot spot in the near future. They are welcomed by customers with dark skin in the Middle East and other regions, and have a bright future.

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