Towels Wholesale from Yiwu Are Very Popular with Buyers

1. Towel fashion gift boxes wholesale from Yiwu are more practical

"Gifts should also pay attention to practicality today. Sending a box of gift set towels is fashionable and healthy." This business owner runs the towel business in the four districts of China Yiwu International Trade City. The towels she sells have newly developed many styles of high-end gift boxes this year. Due to the appropriate matching of the products and the exquisite packaging, they are very popular with buyers, and sales are increasing day by day.

"In modern society, there are more and more gift-giving days. Our newly developed gift box towels have become a new fashion for gift-giving on holidays." said the business owner. It is understood that a set wholesale from Yiwu includes two bath towels, two towels and two square towels, and the price is between 120 yuan and 200 yuan (18-32 dollars), which is beautiful and affordable.

In addition to gift box towels, the sales of bamboo fiber towels have also been increasing recently. Although the price is 15% to 20% higher than that of ordinary cotton towels, they are still welcomed by some consumers with higher quality of life requirements. The product is mainly sold domestically, and the customers are basically shopping malls and supermarkets across the country.

2. The first choice for foreign product sourcing: towels

The business owner said that bamboo fiber towels are a new type of product. Compared with ordinary towels, it has stronger water absorption, moisture-proof and breathable functions, and is a green and environmentally friendly product. The price of a bamboo towel ranges from 10 yuan to 30 yuan (1.5-5 US dollars). In addition, the combination of towels and bath towels is also very popular.

In addition, the exquisitely made cake towels have become the "sweet and pastry" of many foreign businessmen. Designers make the towels into various cake shapes, which look very attractive. The products are exported to South Korea, Singapore, and European and American countries. Mid-to-high-end cotton printed towels, cotton embroidered towels, and towels with the emblems of Manchester United, Barcelona and other football teams have also become the first choice for many foreign businessmen to purchase Christmas products.

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