The Sales Situation of the Sandals Industry in the Yiwu Market is Stable

The sandal industry is mainly concentrated in the east of the third floor of the fourth district of Yiwu International Trade City. Yiwu Small Commodity Market mainly deals in men's sandals, women's sandals, and children's sandals. According to the raw materials, it can be divided into leather sandals, plastic sandals, cloth sandals, straw sandals, etc.

Recently, seasonal factors have affected the sandal industry, and sales have continued to rise, showing a trend of booming domestic and foreign trade, and prices have risen slightly due to market conditions.

1. The foreign trade market of Yiwu Small Commodity Market is very popular, with positive transactions

Foreign trade sales of summer sandals continue to flourish. The sales in the Middle East, Russia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions are stable. At the same time, benefiting from the decline in international crude oil prices, the corresponding reduction in foreign trade transportation costs is also conducive to the trend of foreign trade to a certain extent.

In the Yiwu small commodity market, men's casual cowhide sandals are more popular among foreign businessmen in the Middle East. Cartoon version of PVC plastic children's sandals and leather children's sandals are mainly sold in the Middle East and Africa. Orders for mid-to-high-end women's floral pattern wedge sandals have increased in Europe, and mid-range men's and women's sandals are popular in Southeast Asia. Merchants said that there is still room in the foreign trade market, and the sales situation in the northern hemisphere will continue for some time.

2. Yiwu small commodity market performed well in domestic sales, mainly women's products

In terms of domestic sales, as the weather gets hotter, the demand for Yiwu small commodities market continues to increase, and the sales of sandals in June are on the rise. Among them, women's sandals have received the most attention. Platform cakes, Roman style, and Bohemian style are still the mainstream this summer. The women's sandals made by mixing and matching popular elements such as square thick heels, animal patterns, bright colors, straps, weaving, high water tables, tie-dye fabrics, creative heels, etc., have attracted the attention of many women.

3. Men's sandals and children's sandals performed well in Yiwu Small Commodity Market

The styles of men's sandals are relatively single, but the sales trend is steady and the increase is obvious. Mainly sold in leather, comfortable and breathable leather sandals.

The best-selling models of boy sandals are mainly dark black beach sandals and cowhide sandals. Girls' sandals are richer in colors and styles, and are loved by product buyers from all over the world. Younger boys and girls' sandals tend to take the cartoon cute route, and their sales performance is also remarkable.

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