The Role of Yiwu Agent

In Yiwu small commodity market, there are countless suppliers of small commodities, selling all kinds of commodities. With price advantage, it attracts many foreign merchants from all over the world to purchase here.

In Yiwu, some are engaged in factory sales, some are engaged in international freight companies, some are working as purchasing agents in trading companies. They often lead their customers to purchase in Yiwu market. They are very familiar with the products of Yiwu and Zhejiang market. They are aslo familiar with gifts, handicrafts, glass products, daily necessities and packaging materials.

A Yiwu agent purchasing company mainly acts as the agent for customers' purchasing work in Yiwu and Zhejiang, China. It can save purchasing cost and improve working efficiency for customers.

It is feasible in terms of cost saving and efficiency because Yiwu agents are now purchasing for some international customers and a few domestic customers in Yiwu, China. It is known that the price of similar goods purchased in China has a competitive advantage in the whole international market.
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