The Lock Industry in Yiwu Wholesale Market is Improving

The overall sales of the lock industry in Yiwu wholesale market have stabilized. Affected by factors such as rising raw material prices and worker wages, the prices of some products have risen slightly. The monthly price index of the industry continued to rise, with an overall rise of 5.56%.

1. The expansion of domestic demand in Yiwu wholesale market drives industry transactions

The lock industry was affected by the rise in material prices, the prices of most products increased slightly, the foreign trade volume slowed down, and the expansion of domestic demand effectively boosted the market conditions of Yiwu wholesale market.

A variety of household door locks, anti-theft locks, locks, door suctions and other products with many styles and fast changes are favored by domestic buyers and have strong sales; chain lock, motorcycle lock and disc lock are mainly supplemented and returned by domestic merchants, and the market is stable..

2. The sales volume of traditional styles in Yiwu wholesale market is stable

With the increase in the decoration of old houses in China, the domestic demand for traditional lock products such as spherical locks, handle locks, and mortise door locks continues to rise, and the industry is optimistic about the future of transactions.

Various types of mortise door locks with high anti-theft performance and a wide range of use have become hot spots in domestic sales recently, and customers from all over the world have placed orders and returned a considerable number of orders; spherical locks and handle locks have also performed well in domestic sales recently, and buyers have responded well.

3. The price of raw materials in Yiwu wholesale market fluctuates obviously, and the competition in the lock industry increases

Affected by the rising prices of major metal raw materials such as steel and copper, the prices of lock products in the Yiwu wholesale market have been slightly increased to varying degrees. The wait-and-see atmosphere of foreign businessmen has increased, the procurement plan is expected to slow down, and the inventory of some businesses has increased.

Some large-scale lock enterprises have a stable customer source and strong anti-risk ability, and the overall sales trend is stable; some small-scale operators have less room for price adjustment and increased competition pressure.

Yiwu International Trade City is a major wholesale market complex in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. It is the largest wholesale market in China. There are many other large wholesale markets in Yiwu, including the Huangyuan market for clothing, several furniture markets, a capital goods market, and more.

It is the largest wholesale market in the world and the best wholesale market in China, according to CNN, selling "relatively cheap, non-tech, mass-market" goods and is the main channel for many of these goods. The Yiwu Small Commodities Wholesale Market is divided into 5 districts covering an area of 4 million square meters and 75,000 booths, of which 10,000 suppliers exhibit 400,000 products. If it is necessary, you are welcome to consult us.

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