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TOP EASE provide you one-stop service from store shelves to merchandise. We are different from Franchisee companies because you can choose to use your own brand, or our brand and even use no brand here in Top Ease. It all depends on your needs. You also have a free choice with the style of shelves and the selling merchandise for your store. Top Ease helps you create your shop with unique style.
Store Output
Cooperation Mode
TOP EASE National Agency:
Being TOP EASE Agency in one country does not mean Franchisee. But you can also do the store that is suitable for your local style, and you can have the benefits which only for TOP EASE Agency.

Your Own Store:
Do your own store, we can customize the store with your own Logo and style.
We can supply from the store design, shelf to the products. We also help store output for you.
For more information, please contact

Warehouse Stroage Shelves Custom Process

Provide your store layout and shelf size
Our store designers are trained to understand how to
properly layout your gondolas shelving. This provides your
customers with an outstanding "in-store" experience.
Free 3D image
According to the confirmed layout, our structural designer will
make the 3D design to make you understand your store display
more well.
Equipment recommendation
Except store shelves, we will recommend you the perforated hooks,
baskets, sales counters, acrylic displays, shopping bags and other
related equipment.
Merchandise choose
You can choose from our exist catalog and showroom. You also can send
your own product list if you have one, and we will quote accordingly.

Extra online store and website service
We can provide all products information and high quality photos,
so that you can perfect your online store and website.

Produce & Delivery
You can choose from our exist catalog and showroom. You are also
welcome to send us your own product list, and we will quote accordingly.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do you have store designers?
Yes, we have two professional store designers for Graphic and 3D structural with rich experience.
What information do l need to provide to open a new store?
Please give us your store layout (if possible), and write down the size of shelf you need. We will make a store layout and 3D store design for you check.
ls there a minimum to order?
No, we have direct factory. Therefore, there is no minimum to order in Top Ease.
What other products do you provide along with the store shelves?
TOP EASE is your one-stop source for everything in you retail store. Besides offering store shelving, we also provide slatwall panels, slatwall hooks & perforated hooks, baskets, sales counters, acrylic displays, shopping bags, and even all products you need in your store.
Do your store shelves come assembled? Where can l get installation instruction?
No, our retail shelving is all shipped knocked down in order to provide our customers with the lowest shipping rate possible. All gondola shelving is designed for easy and fast assembly.To receive installation instructions from our factory, please contact Top Ease directly.
Do you have assembly video?
Yes. As a way to provide outstanding customer service,we have assembly videos for our most common store shelves.
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