Practical Tips for Customers Who Plan to Visit YIWU Market

Practical Tips for Customers Who Plan to Visit YIWU Market
China Yiwu International trade City is located in Yiwu China, Zhejiang province, is full of Yiwu small commodity, which has a business area of more than 8,000,000 square meters, 75,000 booths, is one of World's largest small commodities market.
Some people may ask, can i get the things i want from YIWU market? I will say basically yes. Because Yiwu market has more than 2,000,000 items, and 10,000 new items updated per day.
Yiwu market has total 5 district, from district 1-district 5,different district have about 4-5 floors, different floors will sell different products.

For example. District 1, it have total 5 Areas, each area has 4 floors.
The main products in different area is different:
Area A: Flower, Hair ornaments, Decoration, Festival art
Area B: Flower, plush toys, Hair ornaments, Decoration Crafts
Area C:Plush Toys, Plastic Toys, Electric  Toys, Hair ornaments, Jewelry, Decoration Crafts
Area D:Electric Toys, Ordinary Toys, Jewelry, Photo Frames, Travel Crafts, Porcelain, Crystal
Area E:Ordinary Toys, Jewelry, Jewelry accessories, Photo Frames

Yiwu market is a wholesale market, but you can also find some products can retail, like toys, you can get some for souvenirs or gifts for your family.

Not all the suppliers in the market are from YIWU, many of them are from different cities in China . Some of them are direct factories, some buy from direct factories .But no matter they are direct factories or not, you can always get the goods at low MOQ, so never need to worry about you need to buy a lot for one item.

To most customers who just come to YIWU for a few days, time is precious, So if you are new to YIWU, it is better you can get an reliable and professional agent or a guide, and you can have a plan in advance. then you can find the items you want fast and will not waste time, get your sourcing plan done perfectly, or maybe you will lost the first time when you go there.

And the agent also can translate for you, bargain with the suppliers in the market, make record for the items you choose, and manage the orders and arrange shipments after you confirm the orders.

We can be your reliable friends and agent in Yiwu, we provide Airport Pickup, Yiwu market guide, Order Tracking, Quality Control, Free warehouse, Loading the container, Provide documents, and we also have after-sale service, you can contact with us any time if you need help.

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