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Q: Do you have a specialized inspection team?
A: Yes, we have a professional inspection team with a total of 6 persons. They have rich experience in goods inspection, each person inspects more than 50 items every day.
Q: What is your inspection process?
A: 1. Measure the size and weight of each carton.
2. Check if the carton is strong and the shipping mark is correct. In the meanwhile we take photos of the carton.
3. Check if the quantity is correct after open the carton, and take photos.
4. Check the products according to the requirements of customers, and take photos of the goods.
5.If some function items,we will also test it and make sure everything is OK.
Beside the professional inspection team to check the products in warehouse, we also have at least two staffs in the office to check all the inspection pictures again to ensure that all the goods are ok.
Q: How do you make sure the quality is the same as the order?
A: We will check carefully if the package, size, color and weight of the products are in accordance with the requirements of the order.
If it is a product for using such as electrical products, the voltage of 220V ones we will plug in electricity to test and put it back if it is qualified.
Besides, we will ask the inspection team to take one sample of each item to the office if the customer allows, to re-check each product according to the customer's requirements.
Q: What is the general inspection ratio?
A: Usually it is about 20% .If the customer has special requirements such as full inspection, we will follow customer request. But we need charge additional costs according to the order situation.
Q: What will you do if the product is not same as the requirements?
A: We will communicate with the factory on behalf of the customer first. So that we can see if factory can do the order again according to the customer's requirements or make a change/correction.
If not, we will try to get a discount for our customers.
And truthfully give the feedback to the customers, the customers will make the final decision.
Q: Are there any inspection results material to the customer?
A: If the customer needs, we will arrange all the inspection pictures and send to the customer. For special products, we can take inspection videos to the customer.
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