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Top Ease covers 5000+ direct factories, 50,000+ items for all of China. We are your one-stop purchase agent in China. Only need to give us your requirement, and we will purchase and deliver. We are a group of experienced merchandisers and international trading professionals, who know the effective way to do business in China, have the right connections to local manufacturers and suppliers, and excel in international trading practices.

How does yiwu commodity market works

The factory or agent sets up their shop / showroom in the market, and the sales of products can be self-produced products or agent products. There are usually two people working in the store, one is the "boss", the other is an assistant, because of the continuous improvement of the Yiwu market in the world, they will usually recruit English-speaking assistants to facilitate communication and foreign trade. 
The "boss" usually doesn't speak English and knows little about foreign trade. Their job is to regulate as a whole and manage the production and sale of products. In order to reduce the total cost, "shop assistants" are usually high school graduates or college graduates. 
At the beginning, merchants focused on the sale of domestic yiwu products and did not know much about foreign trade. with the promotion of the international market, voluntary products began to be exported in large quantities. So the stores here just put everything available in it and sell it. In this way, a mature and important part of the production chain has been gradually formed.

Types of yiwu china market products

1. Christmas and Party Items from local Yiwu city.
2. Plastic and Electric Toys from Shantou city.
3. Plastic and Household Items from Taizhou city.
4. Ceramic and Glass Items from Hebei and Jiangxi province.
5. Luggage Boxes and Bags from Baigou international trade city.
6. Furniture and Home Furnishing from Langfang city near capital Beijing.
7. Leather Shoes and Sandals from Wenzhou city.
8. Plastic slippers from Jieyang and Jinjiang city.
9. Hardware tools from Yongkang city.
10. Electric Tools and Electric Items are from Guangzhou and Shenzhen city.
11. School Use Items from Ningbo city and Shanghai.
12. Clothes and Dressing and Trousers from Guangzhou city.
13. Bed Sheets and Bed Covers from Suzhou city.
14. Fabric materials from Keqiao city.
15. Huge machine and trucks from Shandong province.

Yiwu working as the biggest trading center in the world, all the above products have their own showrooms here in Yiwu international trade city. You can find anything you want there.

How to choose cheap wholesale products from china

It needs to be small and light, because transporting furniture or kitchen appliances around the world can cause a lot of headaches, and transportation costs will take up a large part of the cost and reduce your profit margin. So small and light yiwu market products can save a lot of money and material resources. 

It needs to be a simple project, that is, simple manufacturing and a relatively high error range. Most of these factories will not have the highest quality standards in the world, so while satisfying your customers, the greater the error you can tolerate, the better. 

Try to keep yiwu products price in the range of $10 to $200, higher-priced items are usually more difficult to transport, require higher quality control, and the risk increases significantly when you start importing for the first time. According to some practical experience, the chances of success beyond this price range will be significantly reduced, so you are generally not recommended to take any risks, but of course it is feasible if you have a good reason to choose. 

Do not choose seasonal products. You want to find yiwu market products with a stable buyer base. I'm sure you can make a lot of money selling Christmas supplies and winter clothes from Asia, but it will be very seasonal, and if you don't sell out in that quarter, you'll get a lot of worthless inventory.

How to buy from yiwu market

In most cases, you must use an yiwu purchasing agent to assist you in all your purchasing activities. They can arrange for you to visit, accompany you to go to the market, then collect orders, do tests, and finally ship your products out. Of course, agents usually charge you a certain percentage of the total purchase value, depending on what you buy and how much you buy.
An agent can make things much easier for you. Buy from yiwu market without an agent is almost an "impossible task". There is no warehouse to collect your orders, no ownership to ship your containers out, and no one to inspect them. Agents can sometimes help you get cheaper prices because they are in touch with suppliers. They buy a lot of things from suppliers, and yiwu market suppliers are willing to offer discounts because agents help them sell and save a lot of time and energy.

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