News: China Yiwu Import Commodity Expo ended in 2019, attracting 110,000 people to Visit and Purchase

The China yiwu import commodity expo ended in 2019. The exhibition covers an area of 50,000 square meters. The exhibitors come from 85 countries and regions, such as Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Australia, Tanzania, and so on. They concentrated on exhibiting more than 100,000 kinds of daily consumables abroad, such as handicraft gifts, household, maternal and child health care, clothing accessories, food and beverage.

Spain, as the host country of this exhibition, has organized more than 40 enterprises to participate in the exhibition, which is the largest scale ever. A series of activities were held on the spot, such as the national business card conference, the tasting of delicious food and wine, the "Dream Spain" literary and artistic performances, and the charity sale of special products, which presented the unique Spanish flavor for the participants in all aspects. In addition, in order to further highlight the idea of "quality and internationalization", new exhibition areas such as "Quality Exhibition Zone for Expo Entry Enterprises" and "International Friendly City Exchange Exhibition Zone for Zhejiang Province" have been established. The radiation power of the exhibition has been significantly enhanced, which promotes the upgrading of the quality of the current import exhibition.

The exhibition lasted for four days and the total number of visitors and purchasers reached 119,600. Among them, 48,800 professional purchasers attended the exhibition, increasing 48.41% compared with the last year. They came from 81 countries, including Russia, Korea, Japan, India, Bolivia, Yemen, Philippines, Mexico, Malaysia, Spain, France and Canada, as well as 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, such as Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Shandong and Guangdong, and the degree of exhibition specialization has increased significantly.

Three professional business docking activities, namely, the comprehensive import commodity trade procurement fair, the trade procurement fair and Spanish product docking fair, and the chain retail enterprise procurement fair, have achieved remarkable results. They have built a zero-distance, time-difference-free, low-cost and high-efficiency trade docking platform for purchasers and suppliers. The flaxseed oil brought by Canada's 50N Natural Ecology Group Ltd is very popular, which has signed a million-dollar order with Hunan's purchasers; the Dutch famous supermarket brand Albert Heine (AH) has more than 100 on-site negotiation partners, and its chain supermarket model and the Dutch local dazzling source goods take this exhibition as the starting point, which will be landed in Yiwu, and then to the national layout.

In recent years, yiwu has seized new opportunities for domestic consumption upgrading, ploughing deeply into the "new blue sea" of import trade, enhancing the new momentum of market transformation and upgrading, and accelerating the transformation to "buy the world, sell the world". Yiwu's import trade increased by 150% in the first quarter of this year, and the import of consumer goods increased by 811%. The 1210 business of cross-border bonded imports of e-commerce has been implemented since the beginning of this year, and more than 1 million parcels have been packaged. According to the briefing, the yiwu import fair will continue to focus on the "one belt and one road" initiative and work together to import the industrial advantages of the Yangtze river delta to build China's benchmark import consumer goods exhibition.

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