Iranian Businessmen Fall in Love with Silk Scarves from Yiwu Wholesale Market

In ancient China, silk was mostly made into clothing by wealthy people. The color is smooth and bright, and the material is delicate and smooth. Relying on the global commerce platform, more and more silk companies are entering the Yiwu wholesale market to trade the silk full of Chinese style all over the world.

Ⅰ. Silk enterprises rely on Yiwu wholesale market to sell abroad

A large number of international brands choose to place orders in Hangzhou not only because Hangzhou has historically been the origin of silk products on the Silk Road but also because of its first-mover advantage of advanced design and sophisticated manufacturing. The construction of Hangzhou's own brand of silk enterprises has also begun to flourish, and Hangzhou has become a distribution center for international and domestic silk trade.

Though the silk base camp is still in Hangzhou, in Zhejiang Province, the function of Yiwu wholesale market map is gradually being highlighted. More and more silk companies have settled in Yiwu, wanting to take a share in the export of silk.

However, with the establishment of the Silk Road Economic Belt, it's important that Yiwu provide the platform for silk enterprises to make the perfect integration of ancient silk with the starting city of this new Silk Road. When some companies first settled in Yiwu, they also transformed into making man-made cotton and artificial silk in order to adapt to the market. However, the silk market in Yiwu has become better and better, and the business of pure silk products has become a general trend.

Ⅱ. Iranian businessmen fall in love with silk headscarves from Yiwu small commodity wholesale market

Iranian merchants are frequent visitors of Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market. Every time you come to Yiwu, the shops selling silk products in the small commodity wholesale market are the places customers definitely go.

Now, among the foreign trade products acted by Iranian merchants, Yiwu small commodity silk headscarves have become a very important part. In addition to large quantities of orders, Iranian businessmen will also hang around the four districts of the International Trade City to look for some beautiful silk products as collections or gifts when they are free.

Ⅲ. High selling volume of creative silk products despite expensive price

Nowadays, the Hangzhou silk market is still dominated by the traditional three major areas: namely fabrics, pajamas, and scarves. Apart from going abroad, the transformation and upgrading of silk products are also very important.

For example, a piece of ordinary silk fabric only earns two yuan in the market, it is 20 to make it into cultural gifts like silk scarves. If this piece of silk fabric is made into decorative products such as wallpaper and curtains, the profit becomes 200 yuan. If you inject cultural and artistic elements into it and make an artistic product, the profit may be 2,000 yuan or even 20,000 yuan.

In today's Yiwu commodity market, in addition to deep-processed products such as pajamas and scarves, more and more creative silk products have begun to emerge.

In recent years, silk creative products using silk as raw materials have covered clothing, gifts, wallpaper and other home textiles, as well as car decoration products.

At present, the main design is about silk car accessories, from hanging decorations to pillows to tissue boxes. As long as they are used in cars, they can combined with silk. The fabric of silk determines its value. These soft, smooth, colorful silks are adored by many Chinese and even foreign customers when they are made into very Chinese style car accessories. Although the price is a bit expensive, the sales have been good.

Exploring the value of traditional industries and adding creative culture elements to enhance the additional value of silk will become the main path for the development of the Zhejiang silk industry in the future.

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