Introduction to Yiwu Wholesale Market and Purchase Skills

Yiwu wholesale market, founded in 1982, is one of the earliest professional markets in China. At present, the total business area is more than 26 million square meters, with more than 50,000 business places, nearly 200,000 employees and more than 200,000 passengers per day. The market has 43 industries, 1,900 categories, and 1.7 million commodities. Products are sold all over the world and are China's largest export base for small commodities.

There are two points in the purchase technique of Yiwu wholesale market:

1. Real market stores purchase: In the real stores of the Trade City, we can directly check the quality of goods, or bargain with wholesalers, sign orders and discuss details. However, most of the stores in the commercial city are wholesale, not retail. But on the 5th floor of the 4th District of Yiwu International Trade City, there is a tourist shopping area where the contents are very cheap.

Don't worry if you're not sure what level of goods you're looking for. Yiwu wholesale market each floor doors are marked with the type of goods, the instructions are very clear. Shops will be placed in the appearance, product prices according to product quality, the difference is also very large.

If you want to get a competitive wholesale price, you may as well compare three. The final wholesale price is also related to the volume of purchases and long-term cooperation.

2. Online Channel Yiwu Purchase: On the official website platform of Yiwu wholesale market, we can find merchants and sources on it. All the merchants of offline physical stores have opened stores on the platform. We can talk directly with merchants about the details of the purchase contract and the time to see the goods on the internet.

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