There has always been a misunderstanding among many importers that they refer to Chinese trading companies as middlemen. They believe it is more ideal to deal directly with factory suppliers in order to get the best price.

And maybe you also saw some articles on google or other social media to compare buying from directly factory or trading company.But the author express subjective views based on their personal interests.

When you choose trading company,you need to check following angles:
*Business modle
*Advantages & Disadvantages
*Where to Find the Trading Companies

Business Model
Business Model
1)Big trading company
They have a lot of factory resources and professional team,so if you need many different items,they can get all for you.And give you all the service from sourcing,warehousing,shipping,inspection,after-sales.

2)Hot-selling type trading company
They are good at getting insight into the hot-selling factory resources which they sell for 2 -3 months making quick cash. And they also have a lot of TV hot items, so if you want hot selling and TV items, you can find them, they will give you the item you want.

3)SOHO trading company
SOHO means Small Office, Home Office. It is a type of trading company with only one or two people. Maybe they have a account in alibaba and sell on alibaba. Because open a alibaba account need very few cost around US$4200.


1)Big trading company
Due to their high professionalism in a specific niche and their years of experience in the industry, they can get a good price and service for you.

2)Hot-selling type trading company
They have a lot of popular item resourcing, They have enough factory resources to source for products which enable them to deliver your products in due time.

3)SOHO trading company
SOHO companies have a lesser cost of operation and offer long and stable cooperation.They will give you a good service for each customer, because maybe they have few customers.
Big trading companyHot-selling type trading companySOHO trading company


1)Big trading company
For some standardized, low-cost, mass-produced products with low added value, the price is not as good as factory.

2)Hot-selling type trading company
They lacks the proper stability and structure to offer aftersales services, And don't have so many employees, so you will get a good service and aftersales.

3)SOHO trading company
When you have a lot of containers, They don't have enough ability to handle it.
Trading CompaniesChinese trading companies

Where to Find the Trading Companies
You can find them from alibaba, globalsourcing, google serching or different fairs. But every platform have a lot of companies, it is very hard to tell which one is best. You need to choose few companies first, and then contact with these few companies, you can tell which one is best suit your business.
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