Daily Handicraft Sales in Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market Continue to Increase

The daily handicraft industry continued to improve, and the prosperity index continued to rise. From June to August, the cumulative increase was 146.55 points. Affected by various factors, the price index has risen, of which it was 101.66 points in August, a slight increase of 0.99 points from the previous month.

1. The multiple favorable factors of Yiwu  Commodity Wholesale Market boost the transaction volume of daily handicrafts

August is the peak season for Christmas procurement. The small volume of foreign trade procurement of Christmas supplies has driven the transaction in the daily handicrafts industry to rise. Products such as craft candles, classical candlesticks, and craft clocks with unique shapes and rich colors have been in good market recently; various chef shaped red wine racks, red wine glass barrels with switches, crystal wine bottles and wine cup kits and other personalized wine utensils have been popular with foreign businessmen all over the world, and the transaction is stable.

With the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day and other festivals approaching, the domestic market is heating up at the same time. Colorful craft umbrellas, decorative ornaments and crystal products are very popular among buyers. The unique bone china lamps and piggy banks have recently achieved outstanding sales performance.

2. The price of products in Yiwu Commodity Wholesale Market is slightly adjusted

It is understood that the current prices of alloys, paints and electroplating have risen sharply, and the labor cost of woodcarving has also risen by about 30%. In addition, the increase in transportation costs has become one of the important factors for increasing the production cost of various products.

In order to avoid further compression of profits, the prices of some handicrafts have increased. The sales prices of wax crafts, environmentally friendly zinc alloy crafts and tablecloths that use petroleum as the main raw material have risen; in order to maintain market competitiveness, most products such as resin products, process bags and door curtains have stable prices.

3. New products in Yiwu Commodity Wholesale Market bring new opportunities for the industry

In order to attract customers, improve efficiency, and enhance the competitiveness of the industry, manufacturers have made transformation and adjustments to their products and increased research and development efforts on new products.

Such as obtaining national patents, successfully grafting traditional porcelain making technology and modern nanotechnology, ceramic fountain pen with elegant shape and smooth lines; creative pouring paint bucket table lamp with the advantages of anti-static, high-efficiency flame retardant, anti-aging and strong toughness; A thermochromic cup that changes the color of its appearance depending on the temperature of the liquid in the cup.

These products containing high-tech, new materials and new functions are favored by domestic and foreign merchants once they are listed.

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