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Ningbo office

English: 22nd Floor,No.288 Guanghua Road,High-tech Zone,Ningbo China;

Spanish: Piso 22, No 288 Guanghua Road,Zona de alta tecnología,Ningbo,China

French: 20e étage,No.288 rue de GuangHua,High-tech Zone,Ningbo China
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Towels Wholesale from Yiwu Are Very Popular with Buyers
1. Towel fashion gift boxes wholesale from Yiwu are more practical"Gifts should also pay attention to practicality today. Sending a box of gift set towels is fashionable and healthy." This b...
Wonderful Yiwu Wholesale Market Art and Handicraft Industry Sales
1. Yiwu wholesale market has a high degree of industrial concentration in the arts and crafts industryYiwu wholesale art and crafts industry is mainly distributed in Zone A on the first floor and B, C...
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