Complete Guide: How to Import Electric Bicycle from China

How to Import Electric Bicycle from China
Recently, we got a lot of inquiry for electric bicycle.And our exist customer increase their order for electric bicycle. I must to say it is one of the popular products in the world now.
By searching on alibaba website, we can see it becomes a hot topic since this year, and still increase steadily. Europe and America are most popular area,I think you will also wants a electric bicycle for the best new year gift.
How to Import Electric Bicycle from China
How to Import Electric Bicycle from China

1. Sourcing the right electric bicycle.

Not Only the outer design and color difference, the tyre size is also different,normally have 14", 20", 26" and more big wheel.And we need take note with the motor, battery, max speed, material and so on, pls see below details:
You need choose the one fit your own market.
How to Import Electric Bicycle from China
2. How to find the best supplier?

Because Electric bicycle have battery inside, so when you choose the supplier, you need choose the one who have MSDS certificate, this certificate is must for export. Sure you also need take note the certificate which you need in your country.
You will want to know where are the original produce city in China? Electric bicycle are mainly produced in Shenzhen and Yongkang, Maybe you know shenzhen produce a lot of electric item, while yongkang as known by produce hardware. So suppliers from these two cities are most possible to be factories.

3. How to Ship Electric bicycle?
Due to airline's rule of not shipping the goods with battery, now all air freight companies and international express (such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS) do not accept to ship electric bicycle. But there are very few international express agencies will help to ship 1 or 2 units, with a high price.Last time we sent one electric scooter to Germany,DDP Germany by UPS,it cost around US$150.
So by sea will be the easiest and safest way of shipping electric bicycle. If ship by sea,your total CBM should not be too small, at least 10 units, around 3 CBM. If you are the first time to import and really can not buy so many quantity, you can ship them together with your other products. The sea freight is only 10% of the air freight fee.

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