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Yiwu china factory offer a wide range of cheap wholesale products from China with good quality. Check our Yiwu market product list, buy your favorite products!

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yiwu market suppliers manufactured a lot of cheap wholesale items from china, which wholesales more than 3,000 types of small-scale household commodities in 50 categories, Yiwu market catalog covers commodities from many countries and regions.  Among them, mainly to bathroom products, kitchen, fitness items and so on you can buy from Yiwu. The extroverted degree of Yiwu wholesale market products has been continuously improved, which has led to the agglomeration and development of small commodity industry, formed an international small commodity industrial belt, promoted the cluster development of market industry, and further consolidated and expanded the position of the market in the international industrial division of labor.

China goods wholesale of Yiwu market 

In the past 30 years, Yiwu has been famous for its cheap prices. Even today, you can still find that many of the yiwu wholesale market products, such as yiwu home decoration and clothes, here sell at wholesale prices of 1/5 or even 1/10 of the retail price in local stores. Now the price of yiwu market products is higher than before, but it is still very competitive.
It is mainly because, first, the labor cost is rising and the labor force is insufficient.
Over the past decade, labor costs in Chinese factories have increased by an average of 10% and 20%. Although China is the largest labor reserve country in the world, the younger generation is no longer willing to work in factories. Yiwu human resources market has a huge demand for skilled factories, but the supply is limited, leading to higher labor costs of yiwu products.
Although the price of wholesale from yiwu is higher than before, yiwu is still the best wholesale market in china with high quality and low prices because of the complete supply chain and production conditions.

Yiwu market product list

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Hair Care Products in the Yiwu Small Commodity Market Are Saling Well
When the weather warms up next year, the demand for shampoo, perm, and hair dye products will increase significantly, domestic sales of hair care and hairdressing products will be booming, the foreign...
The Watch Industry in Yiwu Commodity Market is Stable
The overall sales trend of the watch industry in Yiwu Small Commodity Market remained stable. Some products were affected by rising labor costs and rising raw material prices, and their prices were ra...
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