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How To Import From Yiwu

If you want to import from China, how you do to import from China? Please see below most of the ways to import from China.

HowTo Import From Yiwu

Alibaba Sourcing:

You can sourcing products from Alibaba on the internet. The supplier pays RMB 29800/year to open a store on Alibaba. So there have many suppliers on Alibaba(Have a trading company and factory). You may find Alibaba have a high MOQ for each product, and price not a good price. It's also hard to know the real product, because you only see the image. You don't know what to hide behind the screen.

HowTo Import From Yiwu


This is Alibaba Chinese website, they don't say English. Most of them are factories, but also have many trading companies sells on the website, so you need to distinguish them. And many trading companies sourcing the goods and supplier from 1688 website.

HowTo Import From Yiwu

Yiwu Go

Yiwu Go is a website for showing the Yiwu market booth. You can search the items you sourcing, and find the booth who sells these goods, you can contact them via mobile or wechat. They don't use email, so you will find the email is Yiwugo's email. And most of them don't speak English.

Factory website
Sometimes you will use Google search for the products you are sourcing, and you can find some supplier website. You maybe find some similar problem with the Alibaba sourcing, high moq, high price, quality control, etc..

Yiwu Buying agents

Yiwu have so many agents, so how you choose the agent to cooperate, normally you will consider security first. A large, famous and experienced company will be considered. Yiwu agent can control the quality, bargain the price for you, have low MOQ, arrange the samples for you, agents can find the suppliers until you are satisfied with everything.

More information you need, no matter you are in Yiwu or before the screen, feel free to contact us.www.top-ease.com.
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