Yiwu Market

Yiwu Market Overview

The Yiwu small commodity wholesale market is very large, and it has been heard before. Most of the small commodities in many countries are purchased from here. There are at least forty thousand kinds of goods in the market. It covers almost all kinds of daily-use industrial products such as handicrafts, jewelry, hardware, daily necessities, rain gear, electronic appliances, toys, cosmetics, sports, socks, non-staple food, watches, ribbons, needle cotton, textiles, ties, clothing, etc. Among them, the production and sales of jewelry, socks and toys account for 1/3 of the national market. It is inexpensive and has all the distinctive features and is highly competitive internationally. Someone once joked that if you don't buy anything in the Yiwu Small Commodity Market, you only have to stay in front of each store for three minutes, and it takes a year to get to the end.

Yiwu Wholesale Market Introduction 1: International Trade City

The International Trade City is the first business card of Yiwu City. Most people go to Yiwu to find goods. The Trade City is the first choice. The Trade City is the representative of Yiwu, as the largest Monomer market in the world. In the market, the Trade City has more than 50,000 wholesale booths, and the number of employees reaches 100,000.

According to the World Bank, the total amount of goods in the world is 530,000. Only one Yiwu can provide 420,000 kinds, of which more than 80% are gathered in the trade city market. It can be said that in Yiwu International Trade City: you name it, they've got it.

Yiwu Wholesale Market Introduction 2: Liyuan Clothing City

Yiwu Huangyuan Market located in the most prosperous business district in Yiwu. The market covers an area of  78000㎡. The market is positioned as a professional clothing market, which is in line with the development trend of internationalization, branding and diversification of the market, which is conducive to enhancing the competitiveness of Yiwu clothing wholesale market and promoting professional and large-scale development. In order to optimize the industry layout, strengthen the competitive strength, highlight the scale advantage, and highlight the market opportunities, the 1-5 floor layout of the Huangyuan clothing market layout men's clothing. Leather clothing; women's clothing; children's clothing; denim pants; pajamas, sweaters, sportswear, shirts 5 business categories.

Yiwu Wholesale Market Introduction 3: Yiwu International Production Materials Market

Yiwu International Production Materials Market main business: flower accessories, commercial logistics equipment, industrial electrical equipment, printing and packaging raw materials, plastic particles, power and power generation equipment, printing and packaging machinery, food processing machinery (hotel supplies), sewing equipment, cutting tools, fastening Parts, ribbon machines, injection molding machines, lamps, leather raw materials, etc.

Yiwu Market Overview

Yiwu Market Overview

Yiwu Market Overview
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