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The Development of China's Wholesale Market has always been a "Concept Leader"

On July 12, 2018, Ma Zengjun, president of the National Federation of Urban Agricultural Trade Centers and the World Federation of Wholesale Markets, was invited to make a series of interviews with the president of the People's Network Industry Association to introduce the work of the National Federation of Urban Agricultural Trade Centers. Ma Zengjun pointed out that since its establishment, the National Federation of Urban Agricultural Trade Centers has played a great role in serving the wholesale market of agricultural products in China and promoting the internationalization of the wholesale market of agricultural products in China.

Ma Zengjun introduced that the National Federation of Urban Agricultural Trade Centers is a member of the wholesale market of agricultural products. Now more than 300 large wholesale markets in China are members of the Federation. The Federation serves wholesalers mainly from three levels.

Firstly, the Federation gives full play to the application of experts and industries, trains a group of applied experts to guide the development of the wholesale market. "Since 2001, we have engaged experts to conduct special research on the wholesale market in China, to study the development status, advantages and disadvantages of the international wholesale market and China's wholesale market, as well as the future direction of development. Ma Zengjun introduced that by 2003 and 2004, the Federation had basically formed a forecast of the development direction of China's wholesale market. Through training application-oriented experts to guide the direction, the development of China's wholesale market has always been "concept leading".

Secondly, the Federation actively cooperates with the competent commercial departments to implement policies and guide the development of the industry. "For example, the construction of the five centers of the Two Hundred Project, the construction of the public welfare market and the construction of the backbone network. Through these livelihood projects, the development of China's wholesale market closely revolves around the requirements of the state and the direction of policy."

Thirdly, since 2004, the Federation has actively participated in international exchanges and led the Chinese wholesale market to show itself on the international stage. Ma Zengjun said that the 25th World Federation of Wholesale Markets Congress was held in China in 2007, which was the first international event in the history of China's agricultural wholesale market industry. It also enables the world's top wholesalers to truly recognize the potential of China's wholesale market, and promotes China's wholesale market to truly step onto the world stage.

"In preparation for this meeting, I became a member of the leadership team of the World Federation of Wholesale Markets, giving the Chinese wholesale market industry more voice in the world." Ma Zengjun said, "Since then, I have tried every year to give the Chinese wholesale market a chance to speak at the international wholesale market conference, to let you know more about China, and to promote the integration of international advanced experience, advanced technology, advanced ideas and the Chinese wholesale market."
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