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Questions and Answers on Wholesale and Agent of Yiwu Goods
1. What products are there?There are hundreds of products, and new products will be updated periodically according to the season. The main products are as follows: Daily chemicals series, children's t...
How to Reduce the Risk of Purchasing Chinese Products?
China attracts buyers from all over the world, but it is difficult to select good suppliers and monitor their production processes in China. Factory auditing, quality control and production monitoring...
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China's Largest Export Base-Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market

Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market (also called as China Small Commodity City) is located Yiwu City, which is a city located in the middle of the Zhejiang Province. It is a large e-commerce platform elaborately constructed by Zhejiang China Small Commodity City Group Co., Ltd. to provide information services and network marketing services for Yiwu China Small Commodity City Market, which is the official website of Yiwu Small Commodity Market. The company launched a purchasing platform facing retailers all over the country - the public platform to shorten the distance between manufacturing and terminal sales, providing retailers with high quality, low price and competitive goods to help terminal sales. Founded in 1982, it is one of the earliest big wholesale markets in china. Over the past 20 years, going through four relocations and eight expansion, Yiwu small commodity wholesale market now has a business area of more than 26 million square meters, more than 50,000 business places, 200,000 employees and more than 200,000 passengers per day. In 2013, the total market turnover reached 68.302 billion yuan, which was awarded the honorary title of "quality and credibility" by the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection. It is the circulation, research and development, exhibition center of international small commodities, and the largest export base of small commodities in China.

Yiwu small commodity wholesale market has advanced and developed market system, and the exhibition industry started early with a great influence. Since 2000, Yiwu small commodity wholesale market has taken WTO entry as an opportunity to establish a new goal of "building the world's largest supermarket, building an international shopping paradise", actively implement the internationalization strategy, vigorously develop the shopping tourism industry, and accelerate the construction of market infrastructure.

According to the latest statistics of Yiwu Customs, the BRICS countries exported by Yiwu Customs amounted to $550 million in the first half of this year, an increase of 40.5% over the same period last year. Among them, $280 million was exported to India, up 27.2% year-on-year. For the first time, it replaced Iran as the largest market for Yiwu's small commodity exports, while $140 million was exported to Brazil, up 40.1% year-on-year.

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