Seller's Union Feedback From Simon

To whom it may concern,

We have the great pleasure of partnering with Sellers Union (SU) over the past year and a half.

I would like to share our experiences throughout our continued cooperation.

The thing that stands out immediately in working with SU, Mr. Roc Wang and his team is trust. Mr. Wang and his team are very upfront and honest during each step of the purchase process. They consult you on a suitable solution based on your needs. We feel it is the highest value we can receive from any partner in China. An invaluable step-by-step guide throughout your purchasing needs, at the same time, steering you away from any wide variety of potential pitfalls that may arise. Sellers Union extensive experience in nearly every possible type of product offers a sense of security for an overseas buyer with limited visits to China each year.

Another aspect that clearly stands out when working with SU is their star salespeople. The team is exceptional to work with.  Each salesperson is highly motivated and competent. Even new staff is sufficiently supported by well-experienced colleagues. Sellers Union enacts a do-first attitude. Meaning, they don't put the most weight on how much they will earn on each transaction, rather they are focused on the long-term success of the customer first, that leads to their own success.

Their extremely large team of star salespeople are able to mobilize immediately, even when the demand is high. On each visit brought a large group of 40 overseas customers at once. Mr.Wang and his team were able to facilitate one-on-one salesperson-to-client ratio for five straight days in Yiwu.

SU has a very long history in working with highly reputable suppliers. Thus you are immediately offered a piece of mind through years of SU internal supplier vetting. Their breadth of experience in all areas of products coming out of Yiwu and Ningbo makes them a premier partner not just in Zhejiang Province but throughout greater China. They offer a truly impressive list of service that One-Stop-Shop for all your sourcing needs.

SU has impressively carried out the following value for our clients; competitive freight quotations, in-house warehousing, on-location goods inspection, trusted money broker house, order customization, samples approval on clients' behalf, competitive price negotiation, and wealth of products experience.

Yiwu is an extremely daunting place without help from a company like SU. If the SU team has developed such an efficient process for the customer in Yiwu and Ningbo, how much more effective do you think they can be for you on your sourcing needs from other parts of China? That is why are extremely excited to continue this cooperation.

SU is easily the biggest hidden secret when it comes to purchasing from China manufacturers. I feel that our company has a decided advantage over our competition from working with this group of professionals. I have met many suppliers and sourcing agents located in this part of the world, but instantly I get a feeling of a long-term approach by every maneuver.

In a landscape full of companies that aggressively compete with each other, SU greatly stands out in areas of professionalism, knowledge, and care.

Not only do they approach you in a sincere and upfront manner but also repeatedly deliver on every promise. That was simply not easy to find in the past. They have quickly become an essential part of our buying process in China. My experience with SU has been overwhelmingly positive. I cannot imagine approaching any new suppliers without their involvement in the future.

Simon Chan
Co-Founder, Source in Asia LLC
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