Accelerating the Construction and Opening of Yiwu Goods Passage
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Accelerating the Construction and Opening of Yiwu Goods Passage

Sales of Yiwu goods are now more vibrant. Yiwu firmly grasped the strategic opportunity to integrate into the national "one belt and one way" strategy and Zhejiang province's construction of "Yiwu Wenzhou Zhoushan" open channel, and comprehensively promoted the construction of five major platforms, namely, highways, railways, routes, postal routes and B bonded logistics, and constantly improved the functions of ports.

Waterless port, goods flow smoothly. The outflow of goods from Yiwu has accelerated in recent years. Yiwu port is the only inland port in Zhejiang Province. It is an important node to build the Silk Road Economic Belt of China Unicom and the Silk Road on the Sea in the 21st century. It relies on the construction of "Yiwu Wenzhou Zhoushan" open corridor, radiating Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan and other places.

Yiwu railway port is the only temporary international open railway port in Zhejiang Province. It is the starting point of multimodal transport in Yiwu international land port city and an important node of railway international container transport.

Yiwu Railway port is located at the west station of Yiwu railway, which has obvious advantages in traffic location, thus providing convenient conditions for freight transportation in Yiwu. Yiwu west railway station is a national railway logistics center, and one of the ten road network logistics centers planned and constructed by Shanghai railway administration. At the end of 2015, the State port administration office formally issued a document agreeing to open Yiwu railway west station as a temporary port. At present, the Yiwu railway port has completed the first phase of construction.
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